Find out if your graduate-level credits can transfer into our online MBA

Apply past graduate-level credits toward your MBA

Students who earned graduate-level credits without completing their degree may be eligible to transfer credits into the SEMSI MBA. AJU will work with you to determine if your credits are transferable. Transferring past credits will allow you to finish your MBA with us faster while saving on tuition.

SEMSI MBA Transfer Policy at AJU

At least 25% of required credit hours (9) to earn the SEMSI MBA must be completed at SEMSI, meaning that up to 75% of the SEMSI MBA (27 credit hours) may be completed through transfer credit. AJU has complete discretion as to which courses, if any, may transfer in as comparable courses available to count toward completion of the SEMSI MBA degree.

Further, all transfer students must complete the following courses solely at SEMSI:

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The best way to start the transfer process is to start your AJU SEMSI Online MBA application. From there, our expert enrollment coaches can guide you through your next steps, including requesting and submitting your past college and university transcripts.

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