Invest in a more impactful future

Tuition and financial aid

While SEMSI differs from other business schools in many ways, one important similarity is ensuring our graduates achieve a great return on their MBA investment.

What you’ll pay

Tuition for SEMSI’s MBA is $500 per credit hour, with 36 credit hours required to graduate.

Many ways to pay

You have several options to cover your MBA costs, and we at SEMSI are ready to help find the right combination for you.

Direct Unsubsidized Loans

Graduate students can receive these loans from the federal government without needing to demonstrate financial need. You are responsible to pay all interest on these loans, though the interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan.

Direct PLUS Loans for Graduate or Professional Students

These loans are available from the federal government to graduate students with a good credit history who stay enrolled at least half-time in the MBA program. The maximum amount you can receive is the total cost of attendance at SEMSI.


AJU and SEMSI offer scholarships to students who qualify based on specific criteria. You don’t have to pay back scholarship funds.

  • Bookman Family Scholarship for Working Professionals. Available to one SEMSI student each year with a proven history of engagement in the nonprofit sector as a working professional or volunteer.

Private Loans

Banks and other financial institutions offer private loans to students, similar to home and auto loans. Because of unique repayment deferrals and other benefits, SEMSI strongly advises you to exhaust all other financial aid options before considering private loans.

Investing in the Whole Person

The professors put as much into their students in their academic capacity as they do in a mentoring role; helping students navigate and build more than just their academic self, but a student’s whole self.

- Zach Morrow, MBA graduate