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The School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact (SEMSI) is the newest addition to American Jewish University. Open to people of all faiths and non-faiths, SEMSI’s mission is to empower a new, more diverse generation of business leaders to build purpose-driven, socially conscious teams and companies. By embracing the philosophy of stakeholder capitalism, SEMSI’s MBA graduates are prepared to do well and do good as they blend advanced business training with time-honored values and ethics.

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About AJU

Our Mission:

American Jewish University advances and elevates the Jewish journey of individuals, organizations and our community through excellence in scholarship, teaching, engaged conversation, and outreach.

Who We Are:

American Jewish University (AJU) is a thriving center of Jewish resources and talent that serves the Jewish community of the twenty-first century. A portal for Jewish belonging, AJU equips students, faculty, campers, and learners of all ages with the tools to create the ideas, build the structures, and develop the programs to advance Jewish wisdom and elevate Jewish living.

Developing More Thoughtful Leaders

SEMSI will develop leaders that make every organizational decision with a lasting concern for social consciousness, diverse stakeholder interests, and ethics.

- David Groshoff, J.D., MBA, Ed.M., Dean, SEMSI

A foundation of values and ethics

As part of American Jewish University, SEMSI incorporates Jewish ethical values into our MBA curriculum. We also believe that this ethical foundation is appealing to those from all walks of life, which is why SEMSI welcomes students from all faith traditions, as well of those with no religious affiliation.

A first-of-its-kind school and program

SEMSI and our MBA are the first in the nation built from the ground up on a foundation of social consciousness. As you learn a better way of doing business, you’ll receive personal guidance and support from expert faculty who remain active in the business community.

A business school built for this moment

In a 2020 study, 72% of CEOs acknowledged that the state of workplace empathy needs to evolve. By earning your MBA at SEMSI, you can become a driving force in this empathetic evolution.

Source: Businesssolver State of Workplace Empathy Study, 2020

Rooted in tradition, responsive to modern needs

In 1947, the University of Judaism (UJ) was founded in Los Angeles and quickly became well-known for its outstanding adult education programs. UJ added a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management in 1979, which eventually became an MBA housed in the Graduate School of Nonprofit Management.

When UJ acquired the Brandeis-Bardin Institute in 2007, American Jewish University was established. In 2020, AJU appointed David Groshoff as Dean of the Graduate School of Nonprofit Management. Under Dean Groshoff’s leadership, the school was restructured as SEMSI, offering a reimagined, first-of-its-kind MBA founded on values, ethics, and social consciousness.