Elevate Your Leadership Potential – The SEMSI MBA

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2 yrs
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Full-time students
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12 courses total
8 Weeks
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Lead and Better the World with an MBA

Earn an MBA on your own terms through the School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact (SEMSI) at American Jewish University (AJU) — no GMAT or GRE required. Classes are 100% online and asynchronous. Complete one accelerated course at a time, learning at your unique pace (and with the flexibility) afforded by remote instruction.

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Enriching Individuals and Organizations Alike

For over 70 years, AJU has thrived as an incubator of resources and talent serving our regional, national, and global community. Prepared to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, AJU now offers a fully online, asynchronous MBA program that will equip organizational leaders and change agents with the skills they need to grow. You will acquire advanced business training and an ethical framework with which to build and lead socially impactful, purpose-driven movements.

Innovation Begins with Leadership

With courses such as Ethical Frameworks for Leaders, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, and Impact Communication for Social Enterprise Leaders, our MBA curriculum covers tried-and-true business fundamentals as well as personalized courses, synthesizing AJU’s mission values with best business practices.

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Program Overview

Imagine a business ecosystem where decisions are informed by thousands of years of dedicated ethical inquiry.

Through the SEMSI MBA at AJU, you will:

Develop communication strategies that assist in improving overall organizational performance.
Understand the culture and politics within an organization: a critical skill for leaders in today’s work environment.
Identify, respond to, and solve problems that affect your organization.
Confidently conduct and analyze research to make data-driven decisions.

Curriculum and Program Outcomes

The MBA curriculum is designed to provide graduate-level education in a cross-functional, interdisciplinary fashion to prepare business leaders with skills across key areas of accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, technology, management, and values-based ethical leadership.

In keeping with the mission of AJU and SEMSI, students in the MBA will explore key business disciplines through the lens of stakeholders rather than stockholders by working as ethical change-agents of all backgrounds who desire to lead purpose-driven ventures.

Programmatic Outcomes


  1. Interdisciplinary Approach: Synthesize the perspectives and methods of business-related fields of study — finance, marketing, organizational behavior, operations, and accounting — and assess the resulting advantages and challenges.

  2. Theoretical Framework: Assess and utilize the primary models and theories used to identify and respond to problems within a business environment.


  1. Problem Solving: Apply appropriate analytical frameworks and critical-thinking skills to solve problems affecting an organization.

  2. Research Application: Utilize qualitative and quantitative research methods in solving business managerial problems.

  3. Data Analysis: Analyze data and make data-driven decisions.

  4. Global Business: Evaluate the changing conditions in the global business environment.

  5. Communication: Communicate cogently in oral and written formats in a variety of professional contexts to a variety of audiences.

  6. Technology: Apply appropriate technological and research tools to solve problems in a business environment.

  7. Collaboration: Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively to complete projects.


  1. Business Ethics: Propose solutions to ethical dilemmas and concerns affecting the modern business environment based on an analytic/application of historical religious values in modern times.

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Where SEMSI’s MBA Alumni Lead

Meet Your Instructors

As a SEMSI MBA student, you will learn from and collaborate with faculty who have professional experience in a variety of fields. Their real-world expertise and mentorship equip you with the skills you need to achieve your personal and professional goals.

David Groshoff, J.D., MBA, Ed.M.: Program Dean

Over the course of his career, Dean Groshoff served in various academic roles — including being voted “Professor of the Year” by his students at the Business Law Center at The Western State College of Law in Orange County.

Prior to academia, Dean Groshoff spent more than a decade as an executive at JPMorgan Investment Management. There, he served as a discretionary portfolio manager, as well as the Chief Legal Officer of a mutual fund. His practical experience also includes serving on boards and audit committees of publicly traded companies, creating several businesses, and serving on boards of human rights advocacy nonprofits.

Jenna Rubenstein, PhD: Lecturer in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Preceptorship Advisor

With more than 20 years’ experience in leadership development, organizational development, and executive coaching, Jenna brings seasoned expertise to her role as lecturer.

Currently employed at a leading medical device company, Jenna believes in a strengths-based approach to development that helps employees at all levels identify and leverage their abilities in their career journey.

Rabbi Pinchas Giller, Professor

Dr. Pinchas Giller is Chair of the Jewish Studies Department and Jean and Harvey z"l Powell Professor.

Following his ordination, in 1980, Dr. Giller taught high school in Israel. He came back to the U.S. to earn his Ph.D., then returned to Israel to participate in the Hebrew University Zohar Project. After stints at Concordia University in Montreal and Washington University in St. Louis, he joined the AJU faculty in 1998 and became department chair in 2009. He also directs the Kabbalah and Hasidism Program at the American Jewish University.

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